Hi! I am Alex Kabakaev, and this is my homepage. Please use the menu to look around.

Postal address: Russia, 634057, Tomsk, prospekt Mira, 19-64,

Cellular phone +7903950225 (can receive SMS, around 7c/min in Skype).

My Jabber Account is kabakaev@googlemail.com. It's a good thing to move from propietary ICQ to open and distributed Jabber. Don't you like to try and send you jabber id to me?

"The one day of Ivan Denisovich" re-read

Sunday afternoon, the garden, coffee

Just another day in intellectual paradise...

Empty garden of St John's College, evening photos

Yesterday I bought some batteries for the photo camera. By late afternoon they charged and I went to overview the College Garden. I was there before, but had only a one look from the very entrance. It turned out a huge garden, which is carefully maintained. A lot of different plants, many of them are signed. The garden is huge, about 2 football fields in the public part and even half over the wall in the garden, which is President's part. A photo album on this site is accessible..

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